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Welcome to V1Hosting.com!

We are located in Los Angeles, California, a city that is a Mecca for small, mid-size, large, and grand businesses of all sorts. We provide a variety of comprehensive Internet Solutions, including, but not limited to, E-Commerce, Web Design, Flash Design, Multi-media design, Web Hosting Services, Web Programming, Business Branding, eBusiness Development, and much more.

We also provide graphic and print design & Local IT Services for businesses.

Hosting Services: Our Servers have a track record of success! They have been up uninterrupted for over 36 months. If you have hosted with other services before, you know our track record is wonderful. WE ARE A COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST. ( view our hosting plans )



Web Space
Disk space on our Internet servers in which to place your web site files and store your emails

99.9% uptime guarantee
Our systems are so reliable that we offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

If for any reason your website is down for more than 0.1% of any month, we will refund you the percentage for which you have over paid, e.g., if your website was down for 5% of the month, we will refund 5% of your monthly payment back. If you pay yearly, this refund will be worked out based on the equivalent monthly payments you would have made.

POP3 Mailboxes
A pop3 email account is where your incoming emails are stored, ready for you to retrieve them.

The advantage of having pop3 accounts means that you can separate any email alias with complete privacy, for example, bob@mysite.com could have their separate pop3 account which means they would collect their email with a different username and password. Then, all email sent to bob@mysite.com could only be read by him.

Pop3 accounts are set up via our easy to use control panel and take only a few minutes to set up. Each pop3 user has there own username and password which you set up and have complete control over.

Unlimited autoresponders
With unlimited autoresponders your website can reply instantly to any incoming emails, e.g., if someone sends an email to sales@mysite.com, your website can instantly reply to them with no human intervention, with a thank you message, e.g., "thank you for contacting us, we will be in touch within 24 hours" etc. Different reply messages can be set up for every email alias, e.g., one reply message for emails sent to sales@mysite.com and a different one for bob@mysite.com.

Autoresponders can also be used for sending information to people without the need for any human intervention. For example, "please send a blank email to: more-info@mysite.com" could easily be set up to send them any information via the autoresponder.

Unlimited email aliases
Enjoy unlimited email aliases with full control over there actions, i.e., say you have the domain name www.mysite.com, unlimited email aliases mean you can have anything@mysite.com, e.g., sales@mysite.com, info@mysite.com etc etc.

Via our easy to use control panel, you can have all your email aliases sent to one mailbox, i.e., all incoming email goes to one easy place for you to retrieve and read, or, if you prefer you can set individual emails to go to other people. For example, you can easily set up your email preferences so that everything goes to you, apart from e.g., bob@mysite.com, this can go to another mailbox or even forwarded to another email address. There are no limits to what you can do with your email accounts.

You can even set up lists with your email address, e.g., a visitor sends an email to info@mysite.com, this email is then sent to everyone of your list, e.g., bob@mysite.com + joanne@mysite.com + steve@mysite.com - the possibilities are limitless, and it's all set up with a few clicks in your control panel.

Web mail
Via our easy to use yet powerful control panel you can view all your emails and even send emails. This useful facility means you can access your email from any computer in the world.

Email virus protection
It seems that every week a new deadly virus is found that can do serious damage to your computer.

In a bid to try and help protect our customers, our systems have email virus protection that scans your incoming email before you receive it. However, please note that we highly recommend you still use virus protection on your computer, such as Norton AntiVirus or McAfee Virus Checker.

Server virus protection.

A lot of our customers have been concerned over incidents regarding worms (a type of virus) gaining access to web hosts servers, infecting all their customers websites. One particularly big example was the "code red worm" which caused great concern. These security concerns were in relation to a well know server type which a lot of hosting companies currently use. However, we only use high performance UNIX servers for our customers which do not have these security leeks.

All servers do have protection in the unlikely event of an attack and we were made arget for mass attackers (hackers etc) then we could reboot the system within minutes and retrieve your website. To date, we have never had our systems down, but rest assured that we are well prepared for any service attacks if they should happen.

MX Record Access
An MX record is the Mail Exchange record. If you choose to outsource, emails sent to your domain must be be directed to thier servers and not V1HOSTING.COM. To redirect your mail, you must edit your MX record (also called resource or reference records) in your Control Panel. This may take several days to propagate.

Unlimited email lists
We don't just supply 1 or 2 free email lists like our competitors.We offer unlimited email lists.With an email list, visitors to your website can join / leave your list at any time. For example, if you have a website about local news, people can join your email list and you can then email them all in one go. The email list is set up and controlled via our easy to use control panel which makes administration very easy.

Domain Name Registration Or Transfer
If you do not currently have a domain name, we can register a name of your choice. Alternatively, you can transfer an existing domain name on to your account. See the domain names page for further information.

Web Based Control Panel
Control every aspect of your website, in realtime with our easy to use web based control panel.

From your control panel you can set up unlimited email addresses, unlimited autoresponders, install free scripts such as hits counter, form mail, message boards, guestbooks etc.

You can also add databases, install FrontPage extensions, password protect parts of your website, set up your free 128 bit secure pages, check your traffic statistics in great depth, customise your error pages, and much more.

Your control panel lets you take control of your website, allowing it to change as your needs grow. Everything you'll find in your control panel is free to use.

Customized error pages

Have you ever visited a website to find that the page wasn't there, only to be presented with a horrid black and white, windows default 404 error message ? Unfortunately, most visitors will look elsewhere when they see an error message like this.

This is where your easy to use control panel can help. You can create a single webpage, anything you like, then pop the html code into the control panel and whenever someone gets a 404 error message on your website they see your pre-designed page and not the default error message.

The great benefit of this is that your error page could be your home page, thus taking the visitor back to your site and not forcing them away. An easy yet effective method to retain your visitors. For example, say the page the visitor wants to look at is www.mysite.com/my-info.html and they type it in wrong, they will see your home page or whatever you want them to see.

Another brilliant feature of our control panel is our error logs. With these you can see where such 404 errors have occurred, which will allow you to easily find any bad links / code in your website and fix it ASAP.

Raw access logs

Via our easy to use control panel you have complete access to your raw access logs from your website.
These can be used in many programs to analyze the traffic to your website.

Free shopping cart systems

If you're going to be selling from your website, chances are you'll need a shopping cart. A professional and reliable shopping cart system can cost anything from $200 to $3000. Thankfully you wont need to spend anything as we include 2 free shopping cart systems with every account.

Our 2 free shopping cart systems are: Interchange Shopping Cart & Agora Shopping Cart and can be setup and administered via our easy to use control panel.

Microsoft FrontPage extensions
To upload your webpages via FrontPage, a website needs to have FrontPage extensions installed, something not all website hosts offer. FrontPage extensions can be installed, in realtime via your easy to use control panel.

Other supported web site editors: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, 1st Page 2000, and just about any other website builder software solutions. Using such website editors makes designing your site very gratifying, and very cost-effective, and don't forget that our unique 24/7 design support means that there's always someone available if you run into trouble.

Your own CGI-BIN

A CGI-BIN is a special folder on your website that can perform certain tasks. You place CGI a script (slightly more complex code than html, webpage code) into the CGI-BIN for the scripts to work.

Some of our competitors only allow partial access and some no access to your CGI-BIN. The advantages of having full, unlimited access to your CGI-BIN is that you can search the internet for free scripts and install them yourself, hassle free. We also provide the most popular scripts free which are easily installed via your control panel.

Free scripts
Scripts are more complex piece of website code which can be extremely useful.We have provided the most popular scripts free via our easy to use control panel, such as:

Visitor counter
Shows on your webpage how many people have visited your website. This changes every time you receive a new visitor. You can place this counter on any webpage you like, you have full control over where to place our scripts.

Rather than asking your visitors to click on your email address that brings up their normal email software, FormMail allows your visitor to type their message in user-defined areas (boxes) on the webpage. They then click on send and it is converted into an email and sent to the email address you requested. The visitor can then be sent, automatically, to a new webpage saying "thank you for contacting us" etc.

Your visitors can leave a message in your free GuestBook.

Message board
Your visitors can leave messages for you and / or each other and other visitors can also join in. Great for discussion topics.

Via your control panel, you simply click on which script(s) you'd like to use and in realtime they appear on your website.

Unlike some of our competitors, we also allow you full access to your CGI BIN, a folder on your website that is required to run these types of scripts. With full access to your CGI BIN you can search the internet for free scripts (there are literally 1,000's) and add them hassle free as required.

Free secure server

A secure server means that the webpages are encrypted for security. The same system that all major companies use to take payments over the internet.

To set up your own secure server you would normally need to purchase a security certificate and have this installed on your website. However, we provide a free shared secure server free of charge, a saving of around $200 a year. This means that you can collect sensitive information from your visitors with the same security as the major online retailers.

Your free 128 bit (very high security) secure server is set up via our easy to use control panel in realtime. You can have anything you like in the secure area and your visitors system will show that they are in a secure environment. Essential if you are selling over the internet.

Detailed traffic statistics

Via your control panel you can access your traffic statistics and see exactly what's happening. You can simply view month by month information, such as number of hits, number of visitors etc, or go into great depth and see who looked at which page on every day since your site was launched.

You can also see how your visitors found you, e.g., a link from another site, a search engines etc, what page they were on when they left your site, what people are typing into search engines to find your site, plus much more. Traffic information is supplied in graph form and numeric form allowing you to analyse your data in any way you prefer.

If you want to increase visitors to your website, then our traffic statistics are essential in showing you what marketing efforts are working well and those that are not.

24/7 FTP access

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which is an easy way to upload your webpages to your website. Having 24/7 access 365 days a year, means you can upload / change / delete your webpages at any time.

Your account is also username and password protected so you don't have to worry about anyone getting unauthorized access and altering your information.

FTP software can be downloaded from the internet, such as www.cuteFTP.com - alternativley, you could try the search engines, such as www.yahoo.com - www.lycos.com and search for "free FTP software".

Free sub domains
Having free sub domains is like having free additional websites. For example, if you had www.yoursite.com you could also have www.sub1.yoursite.com - www.sub2.yoursite.com etc etc.

A sub domain is just like having a separate website and you control them via our easy to use control panel. Another great thing about sub domains is that search engines consider them to be a separate website. For example, if you had www.yoursite.com you could also submit www.sub1.yoursite.com - www.sub3.yoursite.com to the search engines as well, resulting in even more hits to your site.

SSH shell access
With SSH shell access you have direct access to your mail, website and files and can manage and edit your files directly on our servers. Use the installed applications, or compile & run your own.

Access is set up via our easy to use control panel.

Search engine submission tools

No longer do you have to visit the search engines every week to submit your website to them. Via our easy to use control panel, simply enter your website details and click submit and you're done. It's that simple.

Spam Assassin
Spam assassin can be turned on or off via our easy to use control panel.

Spam i.e., unsolicited email can be very annoying and at worst make an email address useless. Imagine having 10,000 emails a day, advertising products / services you did not request information on. Even more concerning is the fact that a high percentage of this material is of an adult nature and online safety for children is a real concern these days.

In order to minimise the amount of spam you receive, spam assassin consults with worldwide directories and websites that harvest lists of known spammers. If spam is sent to your account from one of these spammers, our system will delete it before it reaches you.

Interesting point: The word "spam" for the sending of bulk, unsolicited commercial email came to be used because of a Monty Python sketch where two people kept saying spam, spam, spam to each other. The link comes when you compare 1,000's of spammers a day sending millions of spam to people.

Spam can also do damage to websites by slowing them down, e.g., if one of our customers was sending a 100,000 emails a hour (which is about the rate that mass spammers use), then our systems would slow down due to the demand. 100+ spammer could make our systems very slow indeed. Due to this and the fact that spam only serves to annoy members of the public, we enforce very strict anti spam conditions so you can rest assured that spammers will not slow your website down.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. When a visitor opens the page, the server processes the PHP commands and then sends the results to the visitor's browser. With PHP your website can enjoy far more user interaction and it can be used for a vast amount of applications.

MySQL, the most popular Open Source SQL database, is a very fast, reliable database management system. You can use MySQL as the database layer for your dynamically generated web pages. Like most Open Source programs and languages, MySQL has a very practical set of features developed with contribution from many users worldwide. The connectivity, speed, and security make MySQL highly suited for accessing databases on the Internet.

Your MySQL database can be fully managed via our easy to use control panel.

Cron jobs
A cron job is an automated process that operates at predefined time intervals. Unlike our competitors, we allow full access to perform cron jobs which are administered via our easy to use control panel.

phpMyChat room
Via our easy to use control panel you can install your very own chat room so you're visitors can talk to each other in real time.

Password protected directories
Password protected directories means that you can place passwords on any areas of your website as you wish. For example, you may wish for anyone to look at your webpages, but only want family and friends to look at other information. This is simple to do via your easy to use control panel and you have full control over the passwords.

Password protected areas can be added, changed or deleted at any time via your control panel.

When a visitor tries to gain access to a password protected area, a box pops up asking for their password. No access will be granted unless this password is correct.

There is no limit on how many areas you can make password protected.

Online Knowledge Base
A wealth of information, instructions and tutorials are available at any time from the online support center. Visit our Frequently ask questions (FAQs) for more information.

Daily Backups
Every server on our network runs a RAID based disk redundancy solution, should any of the primary disk drives fail, a secondary disk drive can take over the work load with no loss of availability. Backups are made daily

No minimum contract - cancel at any time
Unlike some of our competitors we don't tie you into any minimum contract agreement.

We are so confident that once you try our service you will want to become one of our many loyal customers, that we offer you the facility to cancel your website at any time, penalty free.

No hidden charges guarantee
Unfortunately, many of our competitors tend to make the decision of which package to buy and the costs quite confusing. One website we know of is marketing themselves as "buy a domain name (website name) for just $1". When you try and buy the domain name for $1, you suddenly have to pay registration fees, then email facility fees, etc etc. When we tried to purchase for $1, the bill came to $134.99, a far cry from $1.

Another confusing tactic is to have various options you can purchase for different prices, with every option having something slightly different to the other. Picking the package that is just what you need can be very difficult and time consuming. That's why we offer everything you could ever need with every account and allow you to choose what disk space and monthly bandwidth you reuiqre. You obviously don't need to use everything, but it's nice to know that if and when your website grows and requires new features, you already have them available.

With the above in mind, V1Hosting.com set out to create an easy to use, honest pricing structure with clear information.

Our no hidden charges guarantee means that the price you see is the price you pay. You can also upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.




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